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The 4 Worst Things to Do in a Job Interview

Have you got a job interview coming up and you’re scared you’ll do the wrong thing? Or have you simply had a few bad experiences in the past and want to know what to avoid in the future?

Well, Gumtree is here to help. We’ve gathered up the top four worst things to do in a job interview. Avoid these four things and you should be well on your way to landing that new job.
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1. Arriving Late (or Early)

The best tip for landing that new job is to arrive at the interview on time – not too early and definitely not late. If you arrive too early, you may force your interviewer to rush and you may come off too eager. You don’t want your prospective new bosses to think that you have nothing better to do with your time than wait in reception for an hour. If you do arrive too early, simply head to a nearby coffee shop and grab a quick cup of coffee to prep you up. You can also use this time to do one last hair, makeup, and outfit check. Make sure your shoes, teeth, and clothing are clean and that you’re looking sharp. Also, give yourself a breath check before you head into the office.

If you arrive late, you better have a very legitimate excuse and proof as to why you weren’t able to be there on time. Arriving late will make you seem lazy, unorganized, and unpredictable. These are not good qualities in an employee and will make you lose points before the interview has even begun.

2. Dressing Badly

The dress code usually depends on the type of office environment as well as the type of work the job entails. Keeping this in mind, it’s always a good idea to dress up for a job interview. Even if the office environment is casual, wear a suit or dress to the interview so they know you’re serious about the job and that you can look professional and tidy if need be. A professional suit with smart dress shoes or heels is always a good choice. Make sure your clothes are clean, without holes or marks, and that they match. This is the time to impress people with what you’re wearing, so put in some effort but don’t go overboard.

3. Chewing Gum

Chewing gum looks sloppy and will also make it harder for you to speak clearly. If you’re nervous, throw the gum away, drink some water, and take a deep breath.

4. Not Doing Your Homework

Not doing research about the company, your prospective position, and their clients can ruin your interview in the end. Remember that it’s important to do your homework on yourself. Study your CV and read your referrals so you know what to say when they ask about your experience and your strengths and weaknesses.

Now that you know how to rock your next job interview, get started applying. Good luck!

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