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Advantages of Investing in Commercial Property vs Residential Property

Real estate is one of those harder subjects to breach when it comes to investing. It often involves a higher degree of capital than other financial instruments that are available. In this post, we are looking at why you should invest in a commercial property instead of a residential property.
First, a definition – in layman’s terms, a commercial property is a building or a space that you rent out to other businesses. You can take a look at TGC to see what kinds of commercial properties are available to lease or buy. A residential property on the other hand can mean condos, apartments, or homes which you rent out to families.
So why should you invest in a commercial property?
• Longer Leases – Businesses normally rent out a space for years to establish themselves within the area or serve as headquarters for their operations. You’ll have a steadier stream of rental income as compared to a residential property – which can turn over every few months or so. Then you’ll need to find a replacement tenant which could mean losses for certain months.
• Better Returns – Businesses normally care about a location first then the price. If your location is central and is prone to foot traffic, then you can command a higher price for rent. Same goes for a residential unit – better location, higher prices. However, people renting a residential property would prefer to live in a more affordably priced unit and would forego location for price.
• Networking Options – With businesses renting your space, you can network with owners or employees, making your relationship into one of a more professional and courteous one.
• Property Valuation – Commercial real estate is valued differently as compared to a residential real property. Considering the recent ups and downs within the market, having a different valuation method can work out in your favor in terms of getting a loan from a bank or if you’re appraising the property.
• Property Owners May Not Pay Expenses on the Property – If you have a space that a company with a significant presence within the country may want to rent, these companies sign a lease stating they will pay expenses incurred like property taxes. They normally do it as they have a particular look and feel that they try to maintain in their branches.

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