A Few Good Reasons to Seek a Career as a Fashion Designer

Thanks in large part to this current age of digital, the fashion industry has been totally stimulated. Pictures of stylish clothing and accessories are never more than a few clicks away and innovative trends are constantly going viral. All of the attention that the fashion industry has been getting lately has sparked the interest of many budding fashion star wannabes. if this sounds anything like you, then you are not alone.

The industry is saturated with talented artists constantly developing their new lines, and there is always room to add a few more. Everyone from the stylish Kardashian family to Susan Itzkowitz of Marc Fisher LTD are taking to Pinterest and Instagram to post their fashion wishlist. Let them inspire you to follow your dreams to become a fashion designer.

A Few Good Reasons to Seek a Career as a Fashion Designer:

To show your creativity: The number one reason that most fashion designers choose this field is to let their creativity flow. Designing and creating beautiful clothing, shoes and accessories is a form of creative therapy that can inspire tranquility, confidence and pride.

Various opportunities: One good thing about being a fashion designer is that the opportunities to design come in various forms. You can choose to design clothing for children or adults in either casual wear or more formal wear. And you can even decide to design specialty pieces as well as costumes for plays and shows or clothing for cats and dogs.

Work for yourself: Like many other careers in the creative field, you can either choose to work for yourself or seek career placement in a larger fashion house. There are pros and cons to both options – designing for an established fashion house can be very lucrative as top designers can make an average of $60,000 every year. However, your pieces will be under the name of the fashion house you represent which may limit you in the backup singer role. However, working for yourself can be an exciting challenge. You will be able to spread your own messages and carve a name for yourself in the fashion world. But, you might be a slightly-starving artist until you grow your fanbase and manage to get your line picked up in a few stores.

Enjoy what you do: Science has proven that creative people are genuinely happier than non-creative folks which means that you will most likely enjoy what you do. You will enjoy designing and pitching new ideas and will enjoy getting up and getting to the studio every morning. And life if too short to be anything but happy.

Always in demand: Fashion will always be in demand as trends come and go and the seasons continue to change. Therefore, there will always be opportunities to design and create.

Thanks to this current age of digital, it will be easier for new designers like yourself to promote your pieces and get discovered by your niche audience. Susan Itzkowitz Executive for Marc Fisher LTD and many other industry giants are creating buzz by sharing their fashion-inspired videos on Vimeo and other social sharing sites and so can you. If you are passionate about the industry and you believe that you can be a success, then you should go out and start your dream career as a fashion designer.

Photo Credit: Shapeways

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