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Fashion for All  

We are now in the year 2015, and this means major advancements in attitudes, life, fashion, and of course technology. With this in mind, it’s not at all surprising that there have been massive leaps forward in helpful aids, such as wheelchairs, as well as clothing and accessories to go hand in hand with this, all with an equally stylish twist.

Regardless of age, gender, disability, no disability, or any other factor, 2015 means clothes to make life easier, accessories to make life easier, and it all results in a much easier way to go about your day.

Great news, right?

So, what areas can this help us in?

For instance, if you regularly use a wheelchair, you’re going to get a little cold moving from place to place, especially during the winter. The answer? A stylish blanket to cover your legs and feet. I’m not talking plain, boring colours, unless of course you want a plain colour, but patterns to match your outfit, colours to add a spot of pizazz to your day, and a hue which goes with this season’s IT colours. Blankets don’t have to boring, and practical items don’t have to be dull either!

Accessories don’t have to be just about the fabric kind, as there are also fashionable and useful items you can use to adorn your body in a fashion sense, but also give you plenty of benefit in a health sense too. Take magnetic copper bracelets for example. There has long been a belief that magnetic copper is fantastic for alleviating the niggles and aches that arthritis can bring on, used in many different severity levels, and wearing magnetic copper as a bracelet or bangle can give you all of these benefits, but also spruce up and outfit and give you some fashion kudos. Double whammy!

Finally, let’s talk footwear.

Shoes can set off an outfit or they can ruin it, and there is now no reason to let functionality ruin a good outfit. Now, comfort is hugely important, but shoes can be made to support the areas of the your feet that need extra cushioning, without ruining the outside appearance. Special footwear is now just as fashionable as what you can buy on the High Street, although maybe forgoing the stiletto heels! You can also have special inserts to put in your own shoes, which add support and cushioning for heels, arches or balls of the feet, giving comfort to long days and nights.

The older we get however, the more sensible we have to be with our shoes in general, but if you happen to suffer from swelling of the feet, which is a common problem, then shoes with adjustable fastenings fix that problem instantly.

As you can see, there is no reason to suffer in the fashion stakes whilst trying to be more comfortable. Welcome to 2015!

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