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Why Luxury Kenya Safaris Remain HOT

Despite everything going on in Kenya at the moment we still strongly believe it is the best place to go when you’re looking for a luxury safari – even the Foreign Office advice is very clear when it comes to looking at Kenya – it clearly states that the airport is fine, and a luxury safari client would only be leaving the airport straight away and flying to the safety of the wilderness, of which Kenya has a lot. The lodges and camps in Kenya remain some of the best in the world and here are our top five reasons to travel to Kenya:

1 No People

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Due to the situation there at the moment more and more people are refusing to travel, this means you will have some of the most beautiful and magical safari spots completely to yourself. What more could you want?

2 The Wildlife

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The Wildlife in Kenya remains the most abundant in Africa and the game viewing there is always spectacular, combine this with the lack of people and more often than not you’ll be witnessing an extraordinary sighting alone.

3 The Special Offers

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The special offers being released from Kenya at the moment are insane, and you can stay at the best places for less. When else would you be able to take advantage of these amazing specials – in no time the country will be back to normal and the luxury lodges and camps will be back to charging what they’re worth!

4 The Culture

saruni samburu 2Kenya is the last place in Africa where you can really meet authentic tribes people – the cultural experiences there are second to none and the Kenyan’s are all very friendly and keen to show you their way of life. They have the most wonderful sense of humour and you will soon realize it is in fact the people that make your safari so special.

5 The Camps and Lodges

ol donyo lodge

Kenya’s camps and lodges remain some of the most luxurious safari camps in Africa and you will receive VIP treatment from these lovely places, such will be their gratitude for your support. Some of these camps are situated in vast private areas which are mind blowingly beautiful and all of them, bar none, benefit their local community hugely, so we have to try and support them.

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