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Tips for travelling to South Africa on a budget.

Unless you win the lottery, which let’s face it, is unlikely, most of us have to budget somewhat if we want to visit some of the most amazing places in the world. South Africa is one of those places, and it is possible to get around and explore this stunning part of the world whilst also watching the pennies.


I guess the first thing to address is how to get there. If you look around for a good deal on airfares for Johannesburg flights, you might be pleasantly surprised at the cost. Johannesburg is a good starting place for your South African adventure, and of course from there you will find it easy to travel further, such as to historic and beautiful Cape Town, with Table Mountain and all that culture waiting for you to dive into. The alternative is of course to fly indirect via another country or city, which could reduce your flight cost further.


When it comes to accommodation, look for a lower price place to stay. This might seem obvious, but especially in Cape Town, you will find some huge hotels that have all plush mod-cons, but will obviously cost the earth. Do you need this? No. Why not look at staying in a hostel?

Now before you roll your eyes, remember that hostels have come a long way since the days of bunk beds and dark dormitories, and you can now often find a room with single occupancy if you look around. is a good place to head for this, and all other kinds of accommodation.

Getting around

Buses and trains are going to be the cheapest and safest way for you to see more of the country, and you will find long-distance buses can be booked in advance, meaning you travel in relative comfort.


A group tour is a good and safe way to see some of the major sightseeing places, and you will probably meet all manner of new potential friends at the same time. You can often pick up sightseeing tours pretty easily and cheaply, and it’s worth trying to haggle the price if there are a few of you. Some tours will include overnight stays, due to the size of the area you’ll be covering, and also means you’re seeing all the main things in one go, which is good when you’re on a time constraint. Other than that, it will mean prioritising what you definitely want to see, and bypassing the rest for another time.

South Africa is huge, and is full of things to see and do. It is possible to see it on a budget, but a bit of pre-planning and clever thinking is needed.

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