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It’s All About the Extras!

Booking a holiday isn’t as simple as deciding where to go, booking your package, packing your case and heading off to the airport, there are many other extras you need to remember, which help make up a safe and happy travel experience.

It’s too easy to get carried away with the excitement of it all, and you might end up forgetting something important. For that reason, here are the things you shouldn’t forget, and the steps you should take to make your travel day less stressful.


I can’t stress this one enough – never, ever, ever travel without adequate travel insurance. There are plenty of cheap and good quality single trip travel insurance policies out there and all it takes is an online price comparison search to find the best deals. Quick and simple – don’t overlook this step!

Passports and visas

Check that your passport has adequate validity on it for the place you’re visiting, and also whether you need a visa or not. You need to do this in good time, because occasionally visas can take a while to be processed, as well as passport renewals.

Health issues

Make sure you have enough of your regular medications to last you for the duration of your stay, and pack them in your hand luggage, in labelled boxes with your name on it. If this is an unusual medication or piece of medical equipment, you may find you need to get a letter from your GP explaining that you need this particular item for your health. Again, take all this in your hand luggage. On top of this, you also need to find out whether you need any additional immunisations or anti-malaria medication for the place you are visiting – ask your GP.

Getting from A to B

Make sure you have all your travel day plans in place well ahead of time. Find out how you’re going to get to the airport, and if you’re driving or taking public transport, book your place and do it at the time of booking your holiday, meaning everything is sorted out well ahead of time. Travel days are stressful, so having everything sorted out is one way to combat this, as well as using this online flight tracker on on the day of your flight, to anticipate any delays or problems.


Think about how you’re going to take your money away with you, and if you are planning on using your debit or credit cards overseas, make sure you inform your bank of your intention, so they can put a travel marker on your account, and this goes a long way to making sure your card won’t be blocked due to suspected fraud.

It’s all about being organised, and if you can do that, then your holiday will run much smoother.

Photo Credit: the mechanical turk via photopin cc

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