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Is Sydney the Best City in the World?

Home of the famous opera houses, beautiful beaches, and even a site of Olympics past, Sydney, Australia is a city full of attractions, natural beauty, and a lot of history. While the remarkable city of Sydney has a lot going for it, is it truly “the best city of the world?”

While there’s no way to measure what is considered to be “the best city in the world,” and that the matter is strictly based on opinion, Sydney has still managed to somehow claim a title that puts this city on top of all of the others.

Sydney was named the city with the worlds best reputation in 2013, according to the Reputation Institute’s 2013 City RepTrak Study. This study, conducted by analyzing and assessing over 22,000 people, showed that Sydney has the best reputation in the world. While this doesn’t prove it’s the “best” city, it does represent the fact that many obviously think highly of the city and its past, present, and future, and these are people who don’t even necessarily live in the city itself. Actually, over 30% of Sydney’s population is made up of people who are from overseas. There’s got to be a reason people flock to Sydney.

The state capital of New South Whales, Sydney is the most populated city in Australia, and is located on the east coast right next to Tasman Sea meaning it has great beaches, harbours and waterways. Sydney is also one of the world’s multicultural cities due to the largely diverse population. It’s a cultural hub and home to some of Australia’s key tourist attractions like the Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, Taronga Zoo and the stunning Blue Mountains. Most tourists visiting Australia from abroad will pass through Sydney as it’s the country’s largest and busiest airport. Luckily, Sydney has a good range of hotels on offer. It’s also home to many top-notch restaurants and, because of it’s immigrant population, many great ethnic cuisines can be found in Sydney.

The city of Sydney is an interesting and very pleasant place to call home and to even visit. Aside from it’s large variety of attractions and the diverse density of population, it is also the financial and business hub of Australia. The jobs in Sydney are largely concentrated in communications and multimedia, tourism and hospitality, and cultural industries.

Although there is no concise or direct way to measure or determine “the best city in the world,” but Sydney, Australia comes with a lot of factors that, indeed, put them at the top of many “best of “ lists revolving around a numerous amount of topics. You are guaranteed to be satisfied and thrilled upon visiting or even moving to Sydney, Australia.

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