Best Bang for Your Buck Caribbean Destinations this Winter

The temperatures outside are chilly and the short, dark days are nothing short of depressing. Instead of waiting for any hint of spring to arrive, heat up your cold, winter months by taking a relaxing trip to the luxurious Caribbean. Fortunately, there are several Caribbean vacations that meet the expectations of every budget and help you beat the winter blues

Heat up in Jamaica, mon. This season, Jamaica’s beautiful sandy beaches are waiting for you. On the South Coast of Jamaica you will find affordable housing as well as cheap, delicious local eating. Since Jamaica’s South Coast is less touristy, you will enjoy a more private, and much less expensive Jamaican vacation. Jake’s Hotel Villas and Spa offer rates as low as $95 a night in a cozy collection of cottages on a private beach. This hotel also offers yoga classes, farm dinners, as well as a spa. Book your week at Jake’s Hotel Villas and Spa at

Stay in St. Croix. St. Croix is a US Virgin Island that offers a wide variety of affordable activities and housing. With historical landmarks and museums in sight, St. Croix is home to a lot of nearly free attractions for the perfect vacation.  Rum distillery tours are offered at rates as low as $5, and go on hikes in the rainforest with a personal tourguide for $10. Stay in Frederiksted at Cottages by the Sea for as little as $115 a night (

Lay low in St. Lucia. St. Lucia is a highly sought after vacation site for honeymooners all over the world. This low-key, calm island is full of cozy yet lush housing options such as boutique hotels and cottages at low, affordable rates. This island also offers weekly street parties and other free activities to keep you completely entertained.  Instead of taking private boat tours and costly snorkeling ventures and bring your own snorkeling gear and snorkel along the island’s private beaches. Stay in St. Lucia for as little as $90 a night. Another benefit of vacationing at this island is that their tourism website has a low traveling fare watch to let you know the lowest travel rates available for your vacation (

Sun bathe in the Bahamas. Visit the beautiful city of Nassau and lay on the beaches next to the crystal blue water. Enjoy the duty-free shops on Bay Street as well as other cheap excursions to truly see the island. For $15 you can take a local glass bottom boat tour and be escorted around the island as you view the interesting sea life and see celebrities houses such as Oprah and Michael Jordan. Stay next door to the famous Atlantis Resort at the Comfort Suites Paradise Island and also gain free access to many of the features of the Atlantis Resort.

Taking a luxurious, relaxing vacation doesn’t have to cost you your life’s savings. Researching the right travel websites can make any of your Caribbean destination dreams come true, as well as meet any budget expectations so you can begin planning the budget-friendly, winter vacation of your dreams.


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