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How to Increase Your Phone’s Battery Life

It’s 2:00 in the afternoon on any given day, and you look down at your smart phone only to be alerted that there is only 14% of battery life left. This is a familiar scenario to everyone who calls a smart phone their lifeline to the rest of the world. This alert makes us spend the rest of the day carefully choosing the most opportune moments to use our cell phones to conserve what little battery we have left.

In a world where technology is everything, we are constantly looking for ways to conserve our phone’s battery life, as well as searching for tools and resources to charge our phones on the go. There are people in this world that will ask to charge their phone when they sit down to eat at a restaurant.

How do we resolve this painful inconvenience of a dying phone battery? There are a few tips that can help conserve your smart phone’s battery life and get you through the entire day without the stress of your phone calling it quits for the day.

  • Close all of apps after you use them. Even if you use this app frequently throughout the day, each app that is running on your phone is using up both your cellular data, as well as your battery life. Pressing your “home” button on your phone isn’t closing the app either. Check with your smart phone’s user guide to really find out how to close out an app.
  • Turn Auto-Brightness on.  Most smart phones have an “Auto-Brightness” setting that can tell the light ambiance of a room and adjusts the screen brightness accordingly. Having your screen brightness all the way up all the time is guaranteed to suck the life out of your battery.
  • Make sure any Bluetooth settings are turned off. Bluetooth setting adjustments are primarily important to smart phone users who use Bluetooth headsets to talk or connect their device to any Bluetooth device to share phone data. If you are not using Bluetooth, turn this feature off. This will definitely conserve your battery life.
  • Make sure your phone auto-locks faster. There’s usually a feature on every smart phone where you can decide at what time limit you want your phone to “go to sleep.” That is the point when your phone screen goes dark and you have to “unlock” it to get back to your home screen again. Make sure your auto-lock is set to put your phone to sleep after no longer than 60 seconds.
  • Switch your phone to flight mode. If you aren’t expecting any urgent calls or texts and just need for phone for the camera or apps that don’t require wifi, keeping your phone in flight mode is a great way to eek out a few extra hours of battery power.
  • Get an extended battery life pack or device. This piece of technology will save your life more than you can ever imagine. With the ability to charge your phone from virtually anywhere, it is a fast, convenient way to charge up your phone on the go. They make a variety of these battery life devices, but you have to remember to charge these up too!


There are many things that you can do to make sure your battery life is conserved as much as possible during the day. Always make sure you are aware of these things above, as well as turning off wi-fi and 4G/LTE networks when they are not being used. You will find yourself with a more useful, charged phone all day long.


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