How Much Money Can Switching to E-Cigs Save You?

Electronic cigarettes, E-Cigs and green cigarettes, are now all the rage for smokers worldwide. Smokers are now turning to these high-tech, cigarette alternatives instead of continuously buying pack after pack, and sometimes cartons of their favorite cigarettes to fulfill their nicotine cravings. The effects these E-Cigs have on their users are similar to cigarettes, and while they do not offer the health benefits that we once thought, they are a money-saving alternative to the money smokers spend on traditional cigarettes.

The money spent on the average pack of cigarettes varies to different parts of the country. While in New York, a pack of cigarettes can easily cost up to $10, the average cost of a pack of cigarettes in America is roughly $6. Smokers typically smoke different amounts of cigarettes per day, but if a smoker consumes a pack of cigarettes a day, they are spending $6 per day each week for a grand total of $42. This expense only grows as smokers end up spending over $2,000 each year on cigarette pack purchases and this doesn’t include the amount of gas or traveling expenses it costs to transport yourself to actually purchase the cigarettes.

The cost of smoking is steeper than we once imagined. The E-Cig and green cigarette packs, however, offer a cheaper alternative to this whopping $2,000 a year in traditional cigarette costs. This can easily be reduced and almost cut in half with the purchase of an E-Cig and a pack of green cigarettes.

E-Cigs are reusable and one E-Cig is the equivalent of one pack of cigarettes. So instead of seven packs of cigarettes for the week, you would only need seven E-Cigs. So, let’s break down the annual costs of E-Cigs in comparison to the annual costs of the traditional cigarettes. If you smoke one E-Cig a day, equivalent to one pack a day, you will smoke 365 E-Cigs over the course of a year. This amounts to $800 a year, meaning $2.20 an E-Cig. E-Cigs are also reliant on a battery, but one high-capacity battery can last up to 80,000 puffs, meaning you will only need two annually. Two high-capacity batteries amount to $46. This brings your annual cost for E-Cigs at $846, less than half of the $2,000 cost of traditional cigarette packs.


While E-Cigs may not be a healthier alternative to cigarettes, the cost efficiency of this cigarette substitute is worth the switch and better for the environment if you are choosing to continue smoking. When breaking it all down, you can be paying 40% of what you would normally pay if you smoked a pack of traditional cigarettes every day.  Visit for a complete list of cost saving options and flavors.


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