What You’ll Realize After You Radically Simplify Your Life

Most people can not stand to NOT check their cell phone every minute, and even resort to keeping it on the table near them during meal times. Others may be spending too much time with a toxic friend; not even realizing that this friend is draining all of their energy and taking away from should truly matter in life. The truth is there are many things that can zap your energy and add to your physical and mental clutter.

As opposed to adding to life’s complexities, you should strive to rid your life of people, things, and situations that contribute to stress. Your goal should be simple: to fill your life with what actually matters and focus on those things. For example, are you fulfilled by working out, wearing your favorite sports apparel, and inspiring others to live their dreams?You can live a more meaningful life by focusing on what is meaningful to you.

1. Distractions (also known as “noise”) can lead you astray 

If you find yourself filling your life with distractions, it may be because you’re afraid of the silence. Distracting yourself is only natural since our world comes with noise, but the reality is that the noise may be what is controlling you. Don’t let distractions like TV, your smart phone, food, music, and more hold you back. You’ll realize after you cut out the noise that you can focus on the tasks and people you’ve been unintentionally pushing aside for a while.

2. Realize that doing more activities can add to the clutter

There are always going to activities that are fun that will call your name. Take social media for example. If you check your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter, you will see tons of new restaurants and hobbies that you may want to pursue. But before you put them on your list of activities you want to do, think about the things you are currently focusing on. If you add more, you’ll only subtract space and add to the clutter in your life.

3. Focusing on family activities inspire you

If you’re not very close to your family or live far away, you may want to refocus and create ways to get back in touch. Family (or friends that are your family) are important. They are after all the people that lift you up when you are down and remind you there is hope in the darkest times. Take the time to invest in your relationships and have fun!

If your family is a huge baseball fan, think outside of the box and invest in personalized baseball jerseys. You can create your own family baseball team, play the game, and make it a weekly occurrence. This is a great way to simplify your life, by investing in your family and doing something that you love with them.

4. Buying tons of stuff won’t fulfill you

It’s easy to get caught up in buying the latest television, gadget, or updating your wardrobe. However, getting caught up in materialism won’t fulfill you. In fact, it can take away from your life by taking over your home! A simple life means having fewer belongings (stick to what you need and love) and not feeling like you have to have everything. There is only so much space and time.

5. Priorities won’t get accomplished automatically 

It’s up to you to make time for what’s important to you. Figure out what your priorities are. Is it spending time with your significant other? Taking your kids to their soccer games? Making time to exercise and read a good book? Your priorities won’t get accomplished without you making them important, so learn to say no to other things that are taking up your time

The bottom line is, you can’t live a simpler life unless you are willing to change. Letting go of old routines and habits can be challenging, but you can set a few goals each month until you gradually weed out the things that are taking away from happiness and productivity. A few more words of advice: stay out of people’s drama, be grateful for life, stay positive, learn NOT to take things personally and learn from your mistakes. Figure out what is most important in your life and stick with that because it will help you live a fulfilling and simpler life that’s worth living.

Now it’s your turn. What has been holding you back from living a simpler life? And how can you change this?

Photo Credit: Robert Benner

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