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The Natural Approach to Cleaning Your Home

“The day I worry about cleaning my house is the day Sears comes out with a riding vacuum cleaner” –Roseanne Barr


Cleaning tends to be something that many people, avoid, even myself. It seems like such a struggle to go through the house and pick things up, vacuum and even dust. Then I find myself wondering, “Why should I clean and make the house immaculate? People live here. It’s going to get dirty again in no time at all”. When it’s all said and done, I wind up doing the cleaning anyhow, but I prefer to clean using natural products because I can’t stand using chemical products, and partially because I am afraid I’ll get overcome by chemical fumes and I do not have Life Alert to help me if I fall and can’t get up. Here are some tips I use to clean my home the natural way.


Use Vinegar and a Coffee Filter to Clean Mirrors and Windows

Let’s face it. Your windows get dirty, usually from the dog barking hysterically at the mailman and you find nose prints from time to time too. Mirrors? Well, those are another story, especially the ones in bathrooms that seem to always have toothpaste on them. Coffee keeps most of us from being ogres during the day, so use a coffee filter spritzed with some water-diluted vinegar to get them clean. It works better than Windex and doesn’t have an overbearing chemical smell, either.


Scrub Your Tub With Grapefruit

Bathtubs see the dirtiest messes in a home. If you should find that yours has a ring of dirt around it and you want to get it clean without using an abrasive, stinky cleanser, cut a grapefruit in half. You will want to sprinkle each half with some sea salt and squeeze it in the tub. Wipe the tub down with a sponge and rinse. You’ll see the ring of dirt go down the drain and you’ll have a pleasant scent left behind.


Clean Hardwood Floors With Tea

Hot tea is a great beverage to drink in the winter, but tea is also great for cleaning hardwood floors. Boil some water and make yourself a cup. Use the rest of the tea to clean your floor. You will need about four to six cups of tea and about four tea bags to clean your floor. Pour the tea into a mopping bucket and use a hardwood floor mop to scrub your floor. You can also add a bit of lemon juice if you should notice your floor is really dirty, and it will give off a nice scent as well.


Deep Clean Carpets With Vinegar and Detergent

Carpets get so dirty and get walked all over, literally. You can get them clean without using harsh chemicals. Take some cleaning detergent (you can even purchase natural and eco-friendly detergents in some stores!) and mix it up with equal parts of water and vinegar. You can then use this mixture in a carpet steamer and it will easily remove the dirt and leave your carpets clean and fresh.


While we may not have riding vacuums that we can jump on to clean the house and most of us cannot afford to have a housekeeper, we can clean our house fairly easily and do it the natural way as well. Cleaning shouldn’t make you want to pull your hair out or faint, so there is no need for Life Alert or even hair transplants.  Cleaning is easy and can be done without stress and procrastination. Keep on top of it and it won’t be worth procrastinating about in the future.


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