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Simple Ways to Save Money and Energy in the Home

In a world that is doing its best to save its environment and preserve its natural beauty, new technology has allowed us new ways to carry on our lifestyles and basic, at-home living. While starting out, the process to go “green” was costly, there are many ways that you can save energy, as well as money, in the home. There are simple tips and tricks you can follow, as well as high-tech devices and other in-home items that can help you save energy and money.

Simply turning off lights, televisions, as well as other electronics when they are not in use or when you leave a room can save you a large chunk of change annually. We often forget the importance of turning lights off as we leave, and this is one of the most energy-efficient things you can do to save money. A great way to easily turn off all of your electronics is to plug things that are close together in a room into a power strip, and simply turn the power strip off, as these items are not in use. This is easier to remember to switch off one button, as opposed to finding several different remotes and plug-ins to do so.

Other simple tasks around your home do not require you to purchase an energy-saving device or other item, but are just little modifications to your lifestyle to save that extra penny. Air-drying the dishes and air-drying your clothes are easy ways to save both energy and money. In warmer months, hanging your clothes on a clothesline outside is the perfect and most natural way to dry your clothes. Lowering your thermostat to your water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Also look for Energy Star logos on appliances and light bulbs. These are energy-saving, must-have items for every household.

While these are great habits to help you save money, there are energy-saving devices that can help you save an even bigger sum of money. The Hive Active Heating device is installed alongside of your current heating system, and allows you to control your thermostat and water heater temperatures on any device of your choice. You can create schedules for your heater to turn up or down, alter the temperature of your water heater, and adjust the temperature on your thermostat all from the comfort of your phone, tablet, or laptop from wherever you are in the world. Users of the Hive Active Heating device also gain access to the downloadable application, which is how you control temperatures from anywhere.This is convenient for when you are gone for long periods of time, and will save you money making these modifications throughout the day.

There are other tech devices and thermostats that allow you to do similar things, and they have saved users a lot of money annually on their electricity and gas bills. The cost of these devices are also reasonable, and some do not even require you to switch heating or cooling services and can work along with your current heating system.

No matter how you choose to save energy, you are also working toward the betterment of the earth’s environment, as well as bettering yourself financially. Being green and having interest in energy conservation is extremely beneficial to, well, the entire world.
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