Low-Cost Approaches to Home Security

If you’re a single mother, or if your partner works away from home, you probably spend a lot of nights alone with your children. This is your opportunity to spend quality, uninterrupted time with your little ones. And while you might cherish this time together, you may also worry about your safety from time-to-time.

Even if you’re the toughest, strongest mom, these strengths don’t make you invincible to crime or theft. The National Safety Council reports about 8,000 home invasions each year in the US. And given this high number, anyone can become a victim — including you and your children.

But fortunately, you can take steps to keep your family and home protected; and in most cases, these measures won’t break the bank.

A monitored home security system

Some families purchase noisemakers for their doors and windows, which sound an alarm when opened. These devices might scare away a thief, but since they aren’t monitored, the police department and fire department are not alerted in your absence. There is a better, low-cost way to keep your home safe.

Types of Wireless burglar alarm equipment that is monitored by a security system 24/7 is your best defense. There is an initial installation cost; however, protection typically costs less than $30 to $40 a month. It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind and added safety. And the best part, these alarms not only go off when someone attempts to break into your home, there are also alarms to detect fire, smoke and carbon monoxide in the home.

Motion sensor outdoor lights

If your backyard is completely dark at night, this gives thieves the perfect opportunity to break into your home, garage or outdoor shed. Many safety experts recommend keeping a porch light on at night, which can deter intruders. However, you can equally deter a thief with a motion sensor light installed over your front, side or back door. Once an intruder comes within a few feet of the light, the motion sensor built into the light will detect movement, thus triggering the light to turn on. This sudden change can startle an intruder and avert a potential burglary.


It doesn’t cost much to install a peephole in your front door — as little as $20. Even if you have a window near your front door, peepholes are safer, especially if your older children are home alone. The person on the other side of the door can usually notice someone looking through the blinds or a curtain. But with a peephole, you can quietly observe the person standing on your porch from the inside.


In addition to a peephole and a security system, consider placing doorstoppers at your front and back doors. These inexpensive devices are available at most general retail and home improvement stores, and they reduce the odds of someone kicking in your door. Some people prefer door chains, which lets them open the door two or three inches to observe someone outside. But unfortunately, an intruder can easily kick in a door and chain.

Locks for your fences

Some burglars prefer to enter homes through the back. This way, they’re not easily detected by people on the street. To deter an intruder, make sure that your fence is locked, and that all your doors and windows are secured. If you have any broken locks, repair these immediately.

And although a bit more expensive, you might consider replacing a four or five-foot fence with a six-foot fence to prevent someone from hopping over the fence into your yard.

Your safety and the safety of your children are of the highest importance. And if you’re alone with your kids in the house, an intruder may take advantage of your situation and view you as an “easy target.” However, take the above measures and you can burglar-proof your home.

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