5 Easy Tips to Help You Save Money on Clothing

Every woman I know loves to shop for clothing. Each and every season all ladies around the globe are looking for new items in their wardrobes.  They all spend money on it without any additional thoughts on that. But there is a way how to get the same quality clothing and still be able to save money! Today I am going to share with you my best five and super easy tips that will help you stay on a budget and still let you purchase that dream dress you wish for.

Shop after the season

One of the easiest ways how to get all clothing you want, but don‘t want to spend a lot of money on it is to wait a little bit and shop for it only after the season. For instance, shop for summer clothing at fall or for winter wear at spring. Usually, many clothing retailers tend to host huge clearance sales, before they get another stock of coming season’s clothing. That makes prices of apparel much affordable too! So be patient, wait a little bit and you will get all clothing you wish for a much cheaper month or a few after the season.

Stay away from brands

Although wearing designer made clothing is considered to be always stylish, you are probably going to overpay for it just because of the famous name on a label. If you want to act smart with your finances, then you can stay away from big name brands. Shop for either not to famous ones, or buy only those items that can be mixed and matched with others. That means that even if you bought that famous name clothing item, you can wear it for many upcoming seasons and still look great in it. So reconsider shopping for these brands’ clothing, find an alternative way how to afford it, and save money too.

Use best bargain deals

If you can’t stay away from famous brand name stores and all the clothing they offer, then at least look for special bargains. Or you can find some online coupons and shop with it too! It will give you discounts instantly and will let you enjoy brand new, fresh and super trendy clothing at a much smaller price. For instance, Bloomingdale’s coupons from ChameleonJohn.com will gift you an average discount of $42.69! So it is a pretty big amount of money you can spend on other things. Look for the best online deals or bargains and instantly save money on most fashion forward clothing.

Shop second-hand

Looking for cheap and unique clothing? Then second-hand stores are definitely a place for you to visit. These stores are not only great because of super cheap items in it and some unique pieces there too. Second-hand stores can help you decide whether you are going to buy that item. How? Well if you found that one dress which is gorgeous, but it doesn’t fit you well and you can’t fix it, then you won’t buy it and will save money! Just like that! On the other hand, at these second-hand stores you can find some designer made clothing at pretty good quality too. There you can definitely save tons of money, just because of that one little reason – someone wore it before you. But if that is not a problem – you can dress yourself with it and still be in a budget.

Make a friend in fashion

Finally, the last tip is to find a friend who works in fashion. Either in a store, or with some designers. These people usually know then a big sale is coming up and all prices of clothing as well. By befriending him or her, you can be one of the first people to know about it. Also, if you find a dream skirt or pants, and can’t buy it instantly, you can ask your new friend to hold it for you. Personally, I can’t find any reason why not you should make a friend in this business. Firstly, because you will have a new friend with common hobbies, and secondly, you will be one of the first to know all about coming sales. So look for new friends and enjoy shopping from now on even more!

Photo Credit: Diego Torres Silvestre

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