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Is Drinking Wine Really Good For You?  

Photo Credit: daniele savini via photopin cc

Photo Credit: daniele savini via photopin cc

I’ll wait for the hallelujah but it turns out that drinking certain wines could actually be beneficial for your health!

Yes, you heard me right.

What better excuse to crack open that bottle of vino and enjoy?

Of course like anything life, we are talking about wine taken in moderation, and by moderation, maybe a glass of wine every day or maybe every couple of days, not the whole bottle.

It has been shown that drinking organic wine especially could be better for your general health overall, which shows it’s not just red wine that you need to be looking at – good news for those who aren’t too keen on the red stuff.

Organic wine doesn’t contain any of those added extras that other wines may, such as sulfites and gluten. Sulfite-containing wine should be labelled as such on the bottle, as this has been shown to cause breathing difficulties in anyone particularly sensitive, but organic wine is clean, fresh, and totally free of these kinds of added extras.

So red, white, rose, organic – what are the known health benefits of drinking wine in moderation?

Healthy heart. You will no doubt have heard of the old ‘one glass of red wine helps your heart stay healthy’ line, well it turns out to be true! Helping to prevent clots and reduce blood vessel inflammation aids your most important organ stay functioning in the best way possible. If you wanted to be quite dramatic about it, you could say that wine helps you stay alive!

Hitting cholesterol where it hurts. Wine has been shown to help raise the amount of HDL in the body, which if you’re not aware, is the good cholesterol, helping to unclog arteries, and your overall cardiovascular function.

Don’t forget! Studies have shown that those who drink a glass of wine per day had better memory function than those who didn’t. Another great excuse?!

Hello slimline you! Moderate wine drinkers have been found to have narrower waists overall, and less abdominal fat, compared to those who drink other kinds of alcohol, such as spirits and especially beer.

Preserve those bones. Red wine in particular has been shown, in moderation again, to help prevent bone loss over time, so you could argue that it’s anti-ageing.

See, it turns out that enjoying a glass of wine could actually be good for your health, which just goes to show that not everything in life that tastes nice is bad for us! I shouldn’t have to lecture you on moderation again, as binge drinking is never going to be good for health, but moderate wine drinking has many health benefits.

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