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Five Simple Ways to Get More Energy

Some days, I wake up and feel like I haven’t had an hour of sleep, even though I have definitely had my fair share. Other times, I feel like I have just overslept and feel fatigued for that reason. Sometimes, I just wonder if I’m tired from all the energy I burn in my dreams. After spending many days walking around like a zombie, I decided it was time to take charge of the situation and do something to have more energy during a day. Here are five simple ways I found to get more energy and feel better.


1. Get a Grip on Stress

Some days, I get really stressed out over the little things. I found that when I don’t sweat the little things (but still wear deodorant just in case!),  I feel a lot better and have more energy. Stressing does require a lot of energy, so when I feel stressed, I vent to a friend who will understand how I feel or do some yoga to relax. Afterwards, I feel like I could move a mountain!


2. Take a Load Off

One of the best ways that I have found to have more energy is literally to just take a load off. You cannot expect to go to work, work a whole shift and then come home and put in another shift. That is trying to burn the candle at both ends and that just makes a mess. Instead, prioritize and do what needs to be done first and by all means, if you need help, ask for it!


3. Exercise and Eat Clean

In order to have more energy, it is important to be healthy. This means that you should exercise on a daily basis and keep your body fit. You should also avoid eating fatty or greasy foods and instead eat healthy foods that are filled with nutrients. Also, instead of eating just three meals a day, eat smaller meals more frequently. This will give you a boost of energy.


4. Keep Your Lungs Healthy

To have energy, you should avoid smoking, Smoking can cause lots of problems with your lungs and cause you to become fatigued more easily. Did you know that smoking is not only bad for your health, but it also causes insomnia? When you light one up, you’re actually adding to the hours you will spend awake. Let’s face it. We all need our beauty sleep!


5. Stay Hydrated!

Finally, if you notice that you are starting to lose energy after being active for a while, there is a good chance your body is becoming dehydrated. Instead of guzzling some soda or an energy drink, which may taste amazing, opt for some water. It hydrates you better than anything else and a nice, cold glass can really boost your energy.


Having energy is important, as you need it to accomplish your goals and feel productive in a day. These five tips can help you to get an energy boost and feel better all day long. Give them a try and see for yourself just how much more energy you will have! You will be able to keep going, and going, and going!


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