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What Do You Dream About?

Have you ever wondered why you dream? Do you want to know what the most common dreams are? Ibis Hotels have created an infographic that displays a variety of interesting facts that answer these questions and more.

One of the most common questions people have regarding dreams is “What are they?”. Of those surveyed, 60% of the people believe that dreams are simply thoughts from the day. Interestingly, 15% of people that some dreams may be premonitions of future events and 10% believe that some dreams may be deceased loved ones trying to communicate with us.

One in five people have let dreams influence their lives in a significant way. 18% of those surveyed have packed up and gone travelling based on their dreams and 15% have entered into relationships. Clearly dreams are important to many people.

Who do you normally dream about? It seems that 1 in 10 Brits dream about celebrities, which is perhaps a lot less than expected. Don’t worry if you happen to be having a dream about Colin Firth or Cheryl Cole; they topped the list of the most romantically dreamed about celebrities.

Dreams are great, but what about the not-so-fun nightmares? One in ten people will suffer from nightmares at least once a week and, one in five people if you’re under 24, but what is it that’s disturbing our sleep?

The most common nightmares involve being chased, with 40% of people having reported experiencing this. 29% of nightmares are where the person feels trapped, 27% where they’re lost and 22% are bad dreams where they’re trying to speak but unable to. If you’re concerned that you’ve had a dream that your partner is being unfaithful, then you can relax as it’s normal. 15% of dreams are of a lover cheating.

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