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Ten Little Things to Make You Happy Every Day

You’re running late, you can’t find your car keys, and your dog ate $10. This is a common mini-emergency scenario that we find ourselves in most everyday. Unfortunately, things don’t go our way most of the time, and that is a hard fact to wrap our heads around whenever we spill hot coffee all over us, or trip over the uneven sidewalk. To keep your sanity and your spirits high, there is a few little things you can do on a daily basis to boost your mood.

1. Write yourself little notes. Writing yourself positive, uplifting notes and leaving them around the house can heavily impact your outlook on life for that day. I highly suggest writing three to five uplifting quotes, scripture, or any other positive phrase on post-it notes and sticking them to your bathroom mirror. You will read them every morning as you get ready and every evening as you prepare to go to bed. This is a literal daily reminder and can have an uplifting effect on your day.

2. Always wait 60 seconds before you speak.  If you are approached with a tough situation that makes you upset or angry, before speaking on behalf of the situation, take 60 seconds to calm yourself down and truly think about the best way to approach the situation. Handling something by lashing out in anger is never effective and can only make your situation worse.

3. Be forgiving. Forgiving others is truly one way to seek happiness everyday. This is a very humbling experience and it will touch both the life of the person you are forgiving, as well as your own life. Forgiving someone and putting issues in the past can relieve so much stress and bring you very at peace.

4. Keep a journal. This journal doesn’t have to include a day-to-day essay about everything you did that day, this journal is simply to be used as a day to write down a few specific things. Always write down three things you are proud of yourself for doing that day, as well as three things you are thankful for. Taking a moment out of your day to count at least three of your blessings as well as your accomplishments will always make you feel better.

5. Keep another journal. This doesn’t have to be a completely separate journal, you can write in the same journal you write your three blessings and accomplishments in. Whatever is bothering you in your life or whatever negativity you are focused on—write it down. Write those things down, put the journal away and let it be.

6. Do something that makes you happy. Whatever it is you like to do, do it. Whether it’s exercise or another hobby, make sure you schedule time for the things you love everyday, or as often as possible.

7. Laugh at yourself. Laughing at yourself is super important in a world where it is so easy to make mistakes. Laughing at yourself shows true confidence and it tells others that you are comfortable in your own skin despite minor difficulties.

8. Help others. Enough said. It is truly amazing how helping someone else, even with the easiest tasks, can boost your mood.

9. Say no. Don’t be afraid to politely decline in any events or social activities you don’t want to participate in. If you are exhausted and want some alone time, attending these events can really take a toll on your mood and you don’t enjoy the experience.

10. Be kind to yourself. Practicing self compassion has immense psychological benefits. Always remember that you are different than every other being on this planet, and that is a beautiful thing. You aren’t alone whenever you go through hard times, and this too, shall pass.


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