Practicing Random Acts of Kindness

The joy that is brought to us when a random stranger does something nice to us is a feeling that is irreplaceable of anything else in this world. Nothing is more pure and joyful than someone whom you have never met, take time out of their day or goes out of the way to be kind to someone they don’t even know. What we do not realize sometimes, is that these random acts of kindness also bring evident happiness to those doing the random acts of kindness.

Of course, it is a great feeling when random people do random nice things for us, however, being on the other side and performing the random acts also brings an onset of indescribable feelings of joy and satisfaction. We don’t do it for recognition, we do it to solely see the joy in the other person’s eyes. Here are a few nice things you can do for a complete stranger.

  1. Pick up the tab. While in a fast food line, when you approach the window to give your payment, simply tell the people at the window that you would like to pay for order for the people in the car behind you. That is an unexpected surprise that everyone loves.
  2. Tip your server. This should be a given, however, sometimes when we do not receive the service we think we should’ve received we forget the circumstances. This person is not only waiting on you, but also four or more other tables. Remembering to enter food in, bring drinks, constantly bring refills—all the while making a living ONLY on the money that we decide to give. Remember that people sometimes have an off night, and we shouldn’t short them a little cash because our glass of water is empty.
  3. Volunteer. Volunteering is a blessing for the people you volunteer for, as well as for yourself. It is a very cliché act of kindness, however, it is something that we should truly all experience and make a habit of. Non-profit organizations make their money based only on donations and so the amount of labor at their organizations is sometimes very small. Volunteers make a difference for the non-profit itself, the cause they support, the people affected by this organization, as well as yourself.
  4. Leave a nice note. All small acts of kindness do not have to be based on how much money you give someone. Sometimes, when we receive a service from someone, just leaving a nice, genuine note about how much we appreciate them and their service is enough to leave a ton of smiles for the day.

These are all things that do seem very obvious once we read them. They are all things that we should do anyways, but sometimes we do not do with a full heart because it is automatically expected of us, or we have our expectations set too high. Acts of kindness do not always have to include money or gifts, they just simply include your time and taking the time to simply do or say nice things to other people.


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