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Meditation for Kids

Many adults mediate to relax and take away the stress from day to day life. However, kids have stresses too. Some of these stresses come from school. family and even just a sensory overload. Meditation can be a great way for kids to get in touch with themselves and to turn their senses inward. Here are four easy ways that you can help teach your child to meditate.


The Bell Exercise

The most common way for you to teach your child to get in tune with themselves and the world around them is by using a bell. Have your child sit down Indian style (with their legs criss-crossed) and have them close their eyes. Tell your child to listen to the sounds around them and determine which are close and which are further away. Then, ding a bell and ask your child to raise his or her hand when the bell is no longer heard.


Sing a Relaxing Song

Another great exercise you can use to teach your child to meditate is with singing. Have your child sit down Indian style with his or her eyes closed. Have your child sing syllables or even “do re mi fa” as he or she touches a finger to the thumb. This meditation exercise can be used anywhere and is a great way for a child to calm down.



Surely, you’ve been told at some point in time to take a deep breath to calm down. Breathing is a great meditation exercise and this is one your child can use anywhere, and in any situation. Have your child breathe in while counting to five on his or her fingers, and then exhale for five seconds the same way.


Thoughts Like Clouds

Another great meditation exercise for children is more visual. Have your child sit down and think of their thoughts like clouds. Tell your child to imagine their thoughts moving like clouds through the sky. Tell them to imagine them changing shape and fading away.

Meditation is important for both adults and kids alike and is a great way to calm down. Teach these mediation exercises to your child so that when they  just feels too stressed out or upset, they can use one of them to calm down. These exercises can be used anywhere, at any time and are very effective starting points for future meditation.



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