Five Great Things About Becoming a Senior Citizen

While I am only in my 20′s, I have always had mixed feelings about getting older. Part of me is afraid of getting older, because death is something I don’t enjoy thinking about. I also don’t look forward to my hair turning gray or getting arthritis, but the other part of me thinks becoming a senior citizen may actually be really nice. There are many great things that come with becoming a senior citizen that are sometimes overlooked. Let’s take a look at some of the perks senior citizens receive.


Senior Discount

Now, senior discount may not seem like a big deal, but trust me – it is! When you become a senior citizen and you go out to eat, you can ask for senior discount, and receive around 10% off of the total cost of your meal. You will also be able to order off from the senior citizen’s menu, where you receive your meal at a lesser cost. Seniors also get reductions on cups of coffee and may even get a free cup or beverage at some restaurants. Some senior citizens enjoy going out to eat, so these discounts can actually be a great help and save a few bucks.



One thing many senior citizens look forward to is retirement. Of course, you may have retired a few years before you became a senior citizen, but once you’re retired, you can really begin to enjoy your life. You no longer have to worry about the daily grind of going to work and you will be able to receive your retirement benefits each month. Removing the stress of work and home life and living in an aged-care facility like Oxfordshire care homes with friends and companions is a great thing.


Becoming a Grandparent

There is a good chance that you already have grandkids, but when you become a senior citizen and you retire, having grandkids is all the more fun. You may have the option to babysit your grandkids during the day, take them on vacation or even just spend more time with them. This is a big deal to many senior citizens and can even help you feel younger!



Travelling is one of the best parts of becoming a senior citizen. You may receive discounts on plane tickets and even hotel rooms. Because you will be retired, you will be able to travel the world with your retirement fund or even move completely. It can always be a good time to see somewhere new and not have to worry about heading back home to go to work. You can lay on the beach and enjoy your time, because you worked for it!



Receiving Medicare benefits may not seem like anything special or important, but it is. Medicare is insurance for senior citizens that helps to pay medical bills and pay for prescriptions. This can help you out so much and really save you money. As a senior citizen, you will qualify and be covered, no matter what. That is a good feeling.


If you were like me and thought that becoming a senior citizen was something to be scared of, toss your worries aside, because there are many benefits you can look forward to. You will receive discounts and be able to enjoy both your retirement and your grandkids as a senior citizen. Enjoy your golden days!


Feautre photo credit: Gabriel ‘Briel’ Rocha via photopin cc

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