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Protecting Your Children from the Effects of Second Hand Smoke

Photo Credit: † massimo ankor via photopin cc

Photo Credit: † massimo ankor via photopin cc

Your children are undoubtedly the most important and treasured aspect of your life. So if you’re a smoker, you’re probably looking for all the ways you can ensure that they’re not exposed to the second hand smoke. This article will outline how you can adopt new behaviours that will protect your children from the effects of second hand smoke.

Why is it Important?

There are over 4,000 different chemicals in cigarette smoke, created as a result of burning tobacco. Your children’s lungs are still developing and growing, so it’s important to keep them away from any nasty chemicals that may hinder the development process. Children who are exposed to cigarette smoke are more likely to develop respiratory illnesses from an early age that will inhibit their abilities throughout their entire lives.

Remove the Source

The easiest way to remove the dangers of second hand smoke is to eliminate the source. When did you last try to quit smoking? Unfortunately, it’s well known that quitting is easier said than done. You can try using nicotine replacement aids as you try to quit, such as nicotine gum or patches. Alternatively, you could consider switching to electronic cigarettes. There’s no tobacco being burned in e-cigs, so the electronic cigarettes are free from thousands of chemicals found in cigarette smoke. You can find e-cigs from a number of online retailers, such as

Head Outside

If you’ve tried the smoking alternatives and found that they’re not suitable for you, there are still actions you can take to remove cigarette smoke from your children’s environment. Isolate yourself from your children before you light up. Often that means heading outside without the kids. Make the inside of your home a smoke free environment – it’s much safer for the kids.

Keep the Car Smoke-free

The rule you’ve set around maintaining a smoke-free home should apply to each environment you take your children to, including the family car. The car is a small space where second hand smoke can become heavily concentrated very quickly. Winding the windows down does not do much to dispel the cigarette smoke, even at high speeds. If you’re smoking in the car with your children, you’re putting them at risk.

Set rules for Guests

Everyone wants to be a good host. It can be tempting to break or bend the rules you’ve set for your own family around smoking, especially when you’re hosting guests who smoke. Be firm in your decision to create a smoke-free home for your children, and ask guests to go outside to smoke. If you explain your reasons, most guests will be happy to respect your wishes and will only light up in areas you advise.

Children are important, and you want to give your children the best start you can. They may choose to take up smoking on their own later in life, but for now it’s your responsibility to ensure they’re not exposed to the harmful chemicals found in second hand smoke. Try smoking replacements, head outside and set down strict rules to protect your children from the dangers.

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