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Managing a Blended Family for the Holidays

Today, we live in a world where it’s common for people to be married more than once in their lifetime. It happens. People change and promises often get broken. It’s okay to break up, but when you have children from different relationships, it can make things difficult, especially around the holidays. You may be remarried and have children with your new spouse, who may also have kids from a previous marriage. Managing your blended family does not have to be difficult. Here are a few ways to make things easier. 

  • Don’t Favor Certain Children

No matter what, do not favor one child more than another. Spend time with all of your children equally. More importantly, do not spend more money on one child than another. Be sure that all of your children have the same amount of gifts. You can do this by purchasing one bigger gift for each child and a few smaller ones. Kids take notice if someone gets more presents than someone else.

  • Don’t Talk About the Other Parent Negatively

Whatever you do, do not talk bad about your child’s other parent. Kids do not ever need to be put in the middle of a bad breakup and have a tendency to repeat things. To make things easier, if you have nothing nice to say about your ex, don’t say anything, unless your child does.

  • Be On Schedule

It is important to have a schedule worked out, especially during the holidays. You will need to know for what holidays you will have your kids and what holidays your ex will have the kids. You should also know when you will pick up and return your kids, especially if they are going to spend the holidays with both of you.

  • Do Family Things Together

If you have your kids and your new partner has theirs as well, be sure to do things together as a family. Don’t act like two different families, but instead act as one big family. Bake cookies together or go ice skating. Be sure everyone is included and be sure to act loving and parent-like towards your new partner’s children as you would your own.

Blending two families together can take some time and dedication but it is well worth it in the end. Be sure to stay focused and treat all of the children equally and you will have a happy holiday season!


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