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How to Improve Your Child’s Eating Habits

As a mom, I know for a fact that children can be fussy eaters. Some days, my daughter loves her fruits and veggies and wants nothing to do with candy or junk food, but other days, she is the complete opposite. It can be a trying time to get your child to eat foods that are healthy and good for them, but it can definitely be done! It is always important to remember that healthy eating habits should be taught at a young age, and that you should set a good example for your child.  Here are a few things that you can do to get your junk food junkie eating better. 


Set a Good Example

When you are trying to improve your child’s eating habits, it is important to take your own eating habits into consideration as well. If you want your child to eat his or her fruits and vegetables, be sure that you are practicing what you preach. This means you need to eat yours too! There are always plenty of ways that you can make eating healthy more appealing.


Make Healthy Foods Exciting

Kids are going to be kids and often want to eat foods that look fun. If you are having trouble with getting your kids to eat their fruits in natural form, why not try making fruit more exciting? You can do so by using cookie cutters to cut pieces of fruit into fun shapes. You can do the same thing with vegetables. Offer a yogurt dip with fruit or veggie dip with veggies and your kids will be more apt to eat them.


Switch Up Snacks

Instead of offering your kids cookies or chips at snack time, offer them something better. Some trail mix or mixed nuts are always a great option. Nuts are packed with protein and are not fattening. They have many health benefits and can give kids a boost of energy without the unnecessary sugar.


Eat Healthier Dinners

Another way to get kids eating better is to offer healthier meals. Sure, kids may love fast food and it may be more convenient when you’re in a hurry, but it is always better to take the extra time and make a good meal for your kids. Be sure to offer a portion of lean meat, veggies and a potato or some rice.


Eat Together

Eating together as a family is a very important part of healthy eating. Children who sit down with their families and eat a meal together at least once a day are proven to have better eating habits. So, make a meal and sit down together. Your children will be more prone to eat their healthy foods this way.


Kids can become very set in their ways, so implementing healthy foods into their diet at a young age is important. If you notice that your child isn’t consuming the best foods, changing their habits is something that should be done right away. It can be a process, but the fruit of your labor will be well worth it!


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