Comfortable Summer Fashion for the Whole Family

Sweating the summer away due to poor choices in clothing is a bad way to spend the three month span. Comfort should always take a front seat to fashion when it comes to summer clothing choices. With that said, the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive. For every pair of denim too sexy to vacuum seal in the heat or sleeveless shirt too breezy to do without, there’s something which both looks and feels good at the same time.

It goes for the whole family.

Mom’s Closet

We all know the benefits of sundresses in hot and humid weather. They have the added advantage of being typically inexpensive and existing in a multitude of colors and patterns. Yet, finding a finely-fitting sundress can be a challenge without tailored adjustments. Classic polos, polo dresses, and pullovers are fashionable sources of summertime comfort for mothers and adult women in general.

Daughter’s Dresser

Fun, brightly-colored t-shirts and pretty little dresses are standard issue for young girls in the summer seeking comfort. Getting older they may start eyeing more form-fitting attire; try and strike a compromise via breezy but sporty polos and short-sleeved plaid button-ups. Additionally, sundresses work just as well for daughters as they do for moms. Just make sure to avoid wearing the same ones on the same day, as pretty and cheap sundresses are few and far between.

Dad’s Laundry Basket

Button-ups are full-blown in vogue for men of all ages in all seasons, fathers included of course. The trick is to find good fitting, classic styles made from thin, breathable fabric held together with top-notch stitching. Easier said than done, but it’s not impossible. Once again, the classic polo and other prep clothing becomes the go-to option when all else fails because these clothing items are cool and comfortable. Summer comfort calls for shorts, but if the legs must be covered then chino-style pants and khaki jeans are the way to go.

Son’s Floor

Junior will probably opt for t-shirts splattered with graphics of pop culture references he’s too young to appreciate, which is fine because he’ll grow too fast to make equally-comfortable button-ups worth buying every summer. It can’t be said enough times: the polo shirt is where it’s at for coolness all-around. But given their association with “pretty boys” don’t be surprised to have a son who prefers the Andy Warhol-inspired Alf the alien graphic t-shirt.  Hybrid shorts designed for surfers are ideal for boys spending their fair share of time near water. For anyone else they remain strictly a fashion statement, with chino-style and cargo shorts reigning supreme for both style and comfort.

Nobody in the needs to lose liters of sweat to look good in the summer time. That holds true whether you’re a mother, father, son, or daughter. One thing is certain: classic summer looks stay timeless for a reason. Whether it’s the sundress, polo shirt, chino slacks or board shorts, there’s an array of clothing for summer which both looks great and feels it too.

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