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Bringing Extended Family Into Your Home

Do you live alone or with a roommate? If you don’t, there is a good chance that you either still live at home with your family or you’re married and you’re living with a family of your own. Whatever the case may be, you’re still living with someone else, because let’s face it. Life today is a lot more expensive than it used to be and it can be really hard to go it alone. If you have a big enough home with spare rooms, there is no reason you should not take your extended family in and help them out, especially in times of need. Additionally, if you have elderly relatives, whether they be parents or grandparents, and you can take them in to provide care and supervision, you really should for a variety of reasons.


Here are some reasons why you should open your home to your extended family:


Care for the Elderly 

If you have an elderly family member and are home all day, it is always helpful for you to care for them. I know from personal experience that this is usually one of the best options. My grandfather is 92 and has Alzheimer’s disease pretty badly. I’ve helped my grandmother care for him for around 10 years now and we know that it is better to care for him at home. There may be adjustments that need to be made to your home in order for an elderly relative to be comfortable, like moving them into a ground floor bedroom, adding a wheelchair ramp to the front steps or even adding home stair lifts if you’ve got a lot of stairs. Making these minor adjustments could work out cheaper in the long run than using an aged-care facility. He would be lost in a nursing home and may not receive the care he deserves. He gets his meals, medications and baths on a daily basis and is far less confused than he would be at a home with people he didn’t know.


They Could Wind Up Homeless

Because I have had the pleasure (yes, the pleasure) of speaking with homeless people before in my life,  I would never want to see someone out on the streets. It is a hard life, not knowing where you will lay your head at night or where your next meal may come from. If you have a family member that has nowhere to go, take them in and help them out during this difficult time. Otherwise, they could be out on the streets, in the cold and maybe even hungry. If something happened to them, you’d feel guilty.


It’s Good to Help

You have surely heard of contributing to the greater good and by taking in a family member, you are actually doing so. Helping those in need of a place to stay and providing meals may only be temporary but the appreciation you will receive for doing so will be lifelong. Helping someone is always a good feeling and if you have an empty room or some extra food (which you probably do, because everyone has leftovers), it’s really not costing you more to help a family member out.


There are many different reasons why opening your home to your extended family is a good idea. If you have the room and the means to do it, there is no reason why you shouldn’t. After all, you will be helping your family and contributing to the greater good all at once. That in itself is a good feeling.



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